About Woulfe Leathers

When it comes to riding a cafe bike almost equally as important as the bike itself is your jacket. Not only from a protection standpoint for should you take a spill, but from a style perspective!

Let's be honest girls... you know all men dream of women clad in leather. Leather with"Rocker" and "Ace Cafe" patches though. Wow! That's the quickest way to any vintage bike appreciators heart!

Recognizing the importance of both classic Rock music and the aesthetic that is "Rocker" Mike Woulfe from Woulfe Leathers toils away burning the midnight oil with the help of his trusty old girls "The Ugly Duck & Nuki Juki " producing some of the coolest hand altered leather jackets this side of the big pond.

And ladies - the Woulfeman and his female friends have not forgotten you! The fit on the women's Rocker is a little slimmer and the choice in patch is and details just a tad more feminine, but otherwise you and the old man will rock the same quality leather!

And they go perfect with Mike's Rockette purses